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Ready? Play with us.

Step inside our family's curated collections for kids.

Allen, Sarah, Savannah, Marissa

We're Allen, Sarah, Savannah & Marissa. Play is our family's love language (yes, we totally made this up). Through play, we bond, we share, we learn together as a family. 
Let's roll it back to 2018 when Savannah was born. As you've probably noticed from our photo, Savannah has oculocutaneous albinism. This means she has no pigment in her eyes, skin and hair. So right from the get-go, we've embraced albinism and we've been championing diversity and inclusion within our society. It also means we spend a ton of time indoors and when we do go outdoors under the sun, we make sure we practice sun safe measures. 
Fast forward to 2020, Marissa joined our little family and now we have yin and yang sisters. We could not be prouder of our family's diversity. 
This is us in a nutshell. All we want to do here is share with you remnants of our family fun. We invite you to join in our world of fun, our world of exploration and our world of play.

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